Film and Video - Jeffrey Chuang is a Brooklyn based videographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Born in the United States, he also has lived several years overseas in Taiwan and has resided in New York for over 20. Prior to his current focus on film and video, he was recognized for interactive design as an Art Director in the advertising field, and for product and web design at a communications software company. His art education began at Washington University in St. Louis, and continued at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. He also teaches film editing and graphics part-time as an Adjunct Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

Building on solid design and art experience, his efforts now apply to beautiful and effective film and video work.


Portfolio - Originally trained as a painter and illustrator, the work then began to incorporate more design and graphics, eventually leading to art direction. He was abducted by aliens before he could apply for a MA in Fine Arts, but that event in itself turned out to be a boon for his development as a creative. His brain was implanted with alien technology, and similar to what Earthlings have seen in the movie "The Matrix" when the character of Neo suddenly acquired the ability to execute Kung Fu, Jeffrey Chuang likewise was instantaneously imbued with an ability to shoot and edit video with a keen eye.


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